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Are you a professional soccer player ?
Odysium offers you the possibility to outsource your physical preparation. Most of the great athletes outsource their physical preparation. Indeed, in team sports, training and physical preparation are not necessarily adapted to each athlete. That’s why Odysium offers to take care of your physical preparation in person or remotely.

The academy


Are you a talented young footballer ? Join the Odysium Academy to be accompanied in your progression by an ultra competent staff. Our team offers to coach you in the fields of physical preparation, lifestyle, technical soccer improvement and medical. If you want a professional follow-up, Odysium is the place to be !

Technical improvement


As an Odysium client, you have access to advanced training with Sébastien Robert, one of the best French trainers. We find that technical training in soccer often stops around the age of 12-13, which makes it the only sport in the world that works this way. However, our experience and the reality on the field of all sports show that a sportsman can continue to progress technically throughout his career. This service is therefore open to young talents as well as to Odysium’s professional clients.



With the right tools you can do a good job

Coaching is provided in our private facilities located in Cergy-Pontoise (30mn from Paris). Our gym is
ultra modern and equipped with top of the line equipment that allows students to express their full
potential while using top of the line equipment.
With indoor and outdoor facilities, our structure allows us to take full advantage of the beautiful days
when the weather is nice

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Odysium medical concierge service offers to each athlete to have their own secretariat in order to manage for them, all the appointments according to their needs. Beyond the practical aspect of the speed of appointments, we offer you a thorough medical follow-up so that you can perform stronger and longer. Unlike physical preparation, this service is not only reserved for soccer players.

If you want something you never had, do something you never did.

Thomas Jefferson

Obstacles are the things you see when you lose sight of the goal.

Henry Ford

There is more courage than talent in most successes.

Félix Leclerc

Some want it to happen. Others would like it to happen. And others make it happen.

Michael Jordan

We all love to win but how many love to train?

Mark Spitz

The technical staff



Having been immersed in high level sports since his youth, Théo has acquired a great deal of experience in the field of sports.

Confronted with the problems inherent to physical activity, he is very interested in the themes of physical preparation and health.

In order to accompany high level athletes in their practice, Théo created the Odysium structure, which allows all athletes to reach their goals and perform at the highest level.

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Pole vaulting

Physical trainer
Physical trainer
Soccer Coach
Matthieu Chauveau
Project Manager
Administrative Manager


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