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Medical concierge for high-level sports


Our secretariat is open 24/7


Our privileged relationship with the practitioners allows us to obtain quick turnaround times


We use HDS servers for our exchanges via email messaging

Why join Odysium


Odysium’s medical concierge service allows its members to have access to a network of competent practitioners in a very short time.
Odysium has created a multidisciplinary, independent and competent medical network in order to meet all patient needs.

Odysium’s medical strategy is to educate athletes in different areas in order to move towards a healthy lifestyle that will contribute to good health.
We offer a medical follow-up via integrative medicine: alliance of modern medicine (conventional), world medicine, alternative medicine and paramedical techniques.

Who's it for?


This service is dedicated to professional athletes and young talents for whom health is a priority, wishing to surround themselves with the best for a smooth career. Clubs, poles and federations can also call upon our services for various problems.

Why outsource your medical network?


We offer our athletes a medical appointment management service with recognized professionals throughout the Paris area. Our team also accompanies athletes at every stage of their career, advising them on a medical strategy they can adopt to achieve their goals..

Why choose Odysium Health to manage your medical follow-up ?


For a long and trouble-free career, you need to surround yourself with the best.
That is why we offer you a medical staff of the highest quality, recognized internationally.

In high-level sports, it is very difficult to maintain stability. An athlete is often confronted with a change of club/structure, coach, physical trainer, doctor, physiotherapist…

It is therefore essential, for the coherence of his follow-up, that an athlete is surrounded by a team of qualified professionals who know him by heart, in order to react as quickly as possible to all the problems that can arise in high-level sports.

Our services

For an optimal shape

Sport medical concierge

Medical secretary 7/7 – 24/24 via our app or by phone. Advice and prophylaxis.

Medical secretary

The athlete needs to be responsive, we offer a strong reactivity to daily problems so that the athlete evolves in complete serenity.
Request for physical/visual-conference/telephone/home appointment. Our secretariat and our app give you access to all the network in a short time.

In view of our way of life and consumption, we are convinced that, without a real education, it is almost impossible to be in good health and thus, to optimize the capacities of our body.

Being healthy is one of the pillars of high performance.
That’s why we help you find your way through this sea of information. Some of it is worthwhile, but without a thorough training in various fields, we are unfortunately reduced to the rank of victims of mass marketing.

We offer you the following follow-up:

  • A global assessment: in order to map the body and understand its functioning
  • Cures: so that the body functions in an optimal way physiologically
  • Advice on health, lifestyle and well-being
  • Implementation of a professional medical strategy


Organization of customized rehabilitation. On estimate.

For several years, we have been organizing surgical interventions and multidisciplinary rehabilitation
at the request of sportsmen, poles or clubs. Upon receipt of the request for treatment, our staff
meets to define a strategy, a schedule and an estimate. At our center, the most basic treatment is
more complete than in most rehabilitation centers. Patients are supervised by at least :

  • a specialist doctor
  • a team of radiologists
  • a physiotherapist
  • an osteopath
  • a posturologist
  • a nutritionist
  • a physical trainer
  • a dentist
  • an ophthalmologist
  • an orthoptist (if needed)

Depending on your needs, we can investigate in greater depth the cofactors of inflammation,
osteoarticular and muscular imbalance, and poor health in general, through various check-ups:

  • biological check-ups
  • podiatry assessment
  • morpho-anatomical assessment (morphology/motor
  • preferences/archaic reflexes)
  • cardiac assessment…

Obviously, for each problem detected by a check-up, a customized solution is proposed. In the case
where the patient often recurs with the same pathology, we are able to investigate the causes and
propose solutions in addition to the simple treatment of the injury. The sports infrastructures we
have at our disposal allow us to continue the treatment until the resumption of the sports activity,
and this, supervised by our technical and medical staff;


Organization of medical visit on measure. On estimate.

Odysium offers to organize the medical check-ups of your new players in your image.

We guarantee the quality of clinical examinations by surrounding ourselves with the best specialists.
The visits are organized on top quality technical platforms, equipped with the latest medical

Assistance of a coordinator

Your staff will be accompanied by one of our coordinators who will guide you through the process and ensure that your time with us is as efficient as it is enjoyable.

Immediate care

The player will be taken care of medically as soon as he/she arrives on site: 0 down time. Those accompanying the player will be able to wait for the examination in a private room where they will
be offered a snack.

Express organization

So that the organization delays are not a source of stress for you, we take care of your requests within 48 hours maximum, and can organize them at your convenience 7/7.


Our experience with VIP clients and our expertise in the medical field ensure that your requests are handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Also possible according to your needs:

  • Imaging examinations (MRI / ultrasound / scanner)
  • A cardiovascular check-up (stress test + cardiac ultrasound)
  • A complete biological check-up with results on Day 0
  • An isokinetic test

You can also take advantage of Odysium’s extensive medical concierge network and arrange other check-ups at your convenience: ophthalmological examination, dental check-up etc.


On estimate.